Photo of samosas from Explore India
Explore India, a popular food truck, has gifted MacEwan University with its very own location—and a delicious menu crafted for students, staff and faculty. “We’ve decided to join the MacEwan Eats family, since we believe students will respond well to the introduction of Indian-inspired cuisine,” says Manmeet Singh, founder of Explore India. “We want to showcase that Indian food is not just spicy food, but very diverse and tasty. If people love the food, then we’ve done our job.”

Officially opening on January 3, owners Manmeet and Janaya are thrilled to join the MacEwan Eats team – especially Janaya, who is no stranger to our campus. A recent graduate and alumna from the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, Janaya spends most of her days working in the obstetrics unit at Misercordia Hospital, but is proud to also be back at MacEwan with her husband Manmeet.

Since 2015, Explore India has been warmly received by the Edmonton culinary community and maintained its popularity with fresh, delicious, convenient and homemade food.

“We’ll be running a similar menu from our location at MacEwan, which will include our famous Butter Chicken Bowl, Coconut Curry, and Vegetarian Samosas. We’ll also be running a weekly special, including Biryani and Lamb Rogan Josh to showcase how diverse Indian cuisine can truly be.”

For more information about Explore India, visit their vendor page

Indian food is not just spicy food, but very diverse and tasty.

Manmeet Singh
Founder, Explore India


july, 2020

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