We’re fostering a food conscious culture on campus.

Since 2015, we’ve been working with MacEwan’s Sustainability team to foster a food conscious culture on campus—one where we all think about the journey our food goes on, from farm to plate. As part of this new focus, we introduced three urban food systems on campus: the Tower Gardens, Urban Cultivators and the Urban Beekeeping Project. Each of these systems help us serve fresh, organic food to MacEwan students, staff and faculty, while lessening the environmental impact of our daily operations.


Located behind MacEwan’s iconic clock is another campus landmark: the spiral staircase. But have you ever been to the bottom of the stairs? You might be surprised by what you find.

Back in 2015, in partnership with the Office of Sustainability we set out to transform an unused storage space into the Tower Gardens: a haven for fresh produce on campus. Using a vertical watering system, the gardens grow fresh basil, without the need for soil. We use this basil in our in-house pesto, as well as some of the meals we serve on campus.


Located behind our food concepts in Building 6, our Urban Cultivators grow microgreens — vegetable greens that grow to a max length of about three inches — hydroponically, without soil. We harvest these fresh greens to be meal-ready, right before your eyes.



The Urban Beekeeping Project, a partnership between MacEwan University Campus Services and the Office of Sustainability, launched in 2016 with the installation of a bee hotel — a resting place for pollinating bees on the move — and four rooftop Flow™ hives.

As of 2019, our roof now has six hives, which have yielded more than 400 pounds of raw honey for retail sale and integration into your meals. In 2018, we also released our first batch of MacEwan Honey Vinaigrette: a delicious blend of citrus, mustard and of course, honey.

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