We’re on a mission to bring you fresh, friendly food options.

Offer Variety

We know that everyone’s diets, tastes and preferences are unique, so we have a variety of food options for you to choose from.

Support Local

We choose to support local businesses, farms and suppliers, because that’s important to us.

Be Sustainable

We choose to be sustainable by offering sustainable cutlery, biodegradable takeout containers and encouraging reusable cup and food container use through various initiatives.


Edmonton’s favourite vegan cookies. 

Available at:
° Robbins Market
° City Centre Market

Veggie and fruit based juices and cleanses.

Available at:
Griffins Landing Convenience Store

Caramunchies Logo


A tasty cereal treat made locally in small batches.

Available at:
Griffins Landing Convenience Store



Healthy and delicious, pre-made individual meals.

Order online with code MRES10.

MacEwan Honey Logo

MacEwan Honey

Raw honey harvested from MacEwan’s rooftop beehives.

Available at:
The mstore (every fall)



Edmonton’s original Kombucha brewer.

Available at:
Griffins Landing Convenience Store

Nabati Logo

Nabati Foods

Guilt-free, plant-based foods and desserts made with high-quality, non-GMO ingredients.

Earth Group Logo

Earth Group

Bottled water that funds school meal programs. 

Available at:
Griffins Landing Convenience Store


Siva Atmakuri

Originally from  Guntur, India, Executive Chef Siva Atmakuri discovered a passion for cooking as a young child. His culinary interest persisted through college — his peers loved the meals he made. Siva went on to build his career working for luxury hotels, including Marriott  and NOVOTEL. He moved to Edmonton in 2014 to start a new life with his wife Suneetha and two children, Jeswitha and Rishith. When it comes to MacEwan Eats’ offerings, Siva’s mission is to keep things simple and delicious.

Hidden talents: Indian dancing, College Volleyball athlete at the Provincial Level

Favourite meal: Biryani