Our Favourite Healthy Food Blogs


A simple roundup post of our favourite make-at-home healthy blogs: 

Seven Spoons - Fresh ingredients and occasional indulgences pepper this blog, full of beautiful photos and fun alternatives to average healthy fare.

Living Lou - A young Toronto woman chronicles her efforts to live healthy - plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian recipes, but something for the carnivores too. 

Oh She Glows - Not always health food, but certainly the most interesting vegan food we’ve ever seen. Definitely more than salad! Includes a "low-sugar" category full of deliciousness.

Big Girls, Small Kitchen - The perfect blog for 20-somethings with a tiny apartment kitchen. Healthy, fun food with vegetarian and gluten-free recipe categories from savvy NYC foodies. There’s even a Small Kitchen College edition for those who’d rather cram than cook.

Paleomg - For the protein-lovers, Paleomg presents a caveman diet with the caveat that the food must be “real”. Chemicals and other weirdness is strictly verboten.

Hope you found a new fave! 

Is It Healthy? 5 Healthy Foods That, Well, Aren’t.

Who knows how these rumours get started. Dr. Oz said this, internet quack said that. Marketing helps. Somehow a food develops a reputation as the end-all, be-all of healthy. And for some foods, it’s strictly hype. Here are five foods you have the wrong idea about:

1)   Fruit juice. Ah, juice. Juice gets billed as a healthy alternative to soda, and it is healthier in that anything not chock-ful of caramel #5 dye is “better” than a Big Gulp. But juice has a boatload of sugar, sometimes as much or more as an equivalent-sized Coca Cola. Eight ounces of orange juice contains about 22 grams of sugar – and when was the last time you drank just 8 ounces of anything?

Bottom line: Eat your fruit, don’t drink it. It’s more satisfying and better for you. If you really need juice, try a vegetable-only cocktail like V8.

2)   Energy bars. You’ll have to check the label on this one, as energy bars vary in their ingredients. Many energy bars are mostly made of high fructose corn syrup (sugar), added sugar (sugar) and a pile of more sugar for good measure. Not only is this terribly unhealthy, you’re not getting more than a quick energy boost before the inevitable crash.

Bottom line: Choose energy bars made with natural ingredients, like Larabars or Taste of Nature. Always check the label: if the first ingredient is sugar or a disguised version of sugar, pick something else. Anything chocolate-flavoured is probably suspect.

3)   Muffins. Muffins are basically breakfast cake. Most coffee shop muffins are 300+ calories and yes, come with a metric truckload of sugar. (Curse you, delicious sugar!) Not to mention the high sodium content.

Bottom line: Make muffins a sometimes food, and try out a Chocolate Quinoa Muffin from Wise Bites; about half the calories, fat and sugar of a 7-11 style muffin.

4)   Rice cakes. Rice cakes may be better for you than most potato chips, but there’s not much in there nutritionally except air. If they’re flavoured, every airy bite contains sodium and sugar from the flavouring.

Bottom line: Try a whole-wheat pita chip or even a baked potato chip like Baked Lay’s instead.

5)   Tortillas. Maybe this entry is slightly unfair to tortillas, because there are brands that actually are healthful and fine. Unfortunately, many tortilla brands are full of fat – particularly trans fat and hydrogenated fat.

Bottom line: Seek out whole-wheat tortillas made with a vegetable oil, and you will almost certainly find a healthy option. Our Get The Good Stuff wraps are made with the good tortillas, don’t worry. 

5 Ways to Health Up Your Lunch

Okay, so your New Year’s resolution isn’t going so great. You mean to eat healthy (really!) but you know, also burgers exist, so there’s that.

But while you’re out there, YOLOing life, there are a few small changes you can make to live up to that midnight-fueled fantasy you had about a month ago. 

1)   Skip the sauce.

I see you have a sandwich there! Great. Just go ahead and pass on the mayo, the ranch, the cheese-jalepeno-firestorm-explosion sauce. You’ll save a couple hundred calories (no joke on an average 2,000 calorie/day diet) and some unnecessary fats.

2)   Grab an all-natural snack.

Fruit and nuts are great choices for snack time. For something a little more interesting, grab one of the many flavours of Taste of Nature bars from the C-store. With all Canadian ingredients, they’re kosher, vegan, organic, gluten-free and as close to candy bar satisfaction you can get without Hershey.

3)   For dessert: try a Wise Bite

Aside from being free of the top allergens, Wise Bites are low-calorie, low-fat and low-sugar. So indulge in your love of baked goods.

4)   Replace your fries with a side salad.

At City Centre Market we have a great salad bar, priced by weight. Anywhere else, you can grab a side-sized Get the Good Stuff salad for less than $5. Say no to the combo and commit to a greener side. 

5)   Get the grilled chicken burger.

Burgers are great. They are also chock-full of fat. Not so the grilled chicken burger, the leaner version of your favourite. Vegetarian? We also have a black bean burger.

It’s pretty easy to make just one or two of these changes every day. Switch it up! 

Lower Prices are Here at C-store

The thing about eating healthy is sometimes it’s expensive. Fruit costs more than the McDonald’s dollar menu. Nuts are pricier than the same weight of Smarties. 

So the first step to being healthier is having a healthy wallet. We’re going to help you out on that one. 

Starting now, we’ve lowered the prices on over 85% of our C-Store snacks. This comes at a great time, because we also have more healthy snacks than ever before. 

If you’re having a craving for chocolate or chips, those prices are lower too. But we hope these new prices will help you make healthier choices for yourself. 

Meet Chef Michael!


If our food has been good to you lately, you’ll have to thank Chef Michael. As Executive Chef at MacEwan University, he’s in charge of what goes on your plate on campus.

Born in Canada, Chef Michael grew up in a Germany family, the son of a master chef. His father has cooked for people like Elvis, President Kennedy, and Louis Armstrong. Chef Michaels soon followed in his footsteps, earning his Cook apprenticeship from NAIT in 1992. He began his career as a sous chef at beloved downtown Edmonton bar Sherlock Holmes.

Over the years, Chef Michael has owned his own catering business, been a private chef at Moberly Lake Lodge, Corporate Chef for the Causeway Bay hotel group, Executive Chef for Marriott Hotels and Senior Director of Culinary Services for Revera. 

In short, he’s had a long, prestigious career and we’re so happy to have him with us now! 

NEW in C-Store: You Have to Try This

We’ve got a brand new line of healthy snacks in the C-Store from Wise Bites, a baked good company which makes delicious cookies, muffins and bars free of popular allergens. That means no gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy, sulfites, fish/shellfish, mustard or sesame seeds in ANY of their products. 


If you’ve got food allergies or are on a special diet, check these out! They’re also very low calorie and low in fat and sugar, for a light snack anytime.

Besides the Quinoa Cookies, there are ginger and triple fudge bars and a variety of muffins.

Available now only at C-Store.

Today’s Healthy Lunch - Vegetarian Chili

Today’s feature Get the Good Stuff meal is Vegetarian Chili. There are a few key things you need to know about this: 1) If you are not vegetarian, you will still love this chili. It’s every bit as good as its meaty brethren. 2) It’s available in our cafeterias every Thursday now.

For $7.86 (after tax) I got: 

Vegetarian Chili
299 calories
8g of fat 
12g of fibre
627mg of sodium*

*just over a third of your recommended daily intake

Lemon, Peppers and Paprika Roasted Potatoes
131 calories
3g of fat
2g of fibre
189mg of sodium

and a mini-baguette.

It was completely filling and delicious. Recommended for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.